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Tailed Orange (Pyrisitia proterpia)

Male (Dorsal) Winter form

Male (Ventral) Winter form


Female (Dorsal) Winter form


Female (Ventral) Winter form


Summer form (male)

Collected by Arthur Brown, May 18, 1944, Sierra Blanca Mountains, Mexico.

In the permanent collection of the Dallas Museum of Natural History.


Caterpillar HostplantsMost sources cite Mesquite (Prosopis spp.) and Cassia as hosts in Texas.
Area Sighting
Fort Worth Botanic Gardens
Seasonal Flight DataAn uncommon visitor in our area.
General NotesA sexually and seasonally dimorphic species. Males have darkened wing veins where females do not. Summer forms lack the hindwing tails and are uniform in color underneath while the winter forms are tailed with a mottled pattern underneath.

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